scp through PaSSHport

Using CLI

To use SCP throug PaSSHport, use one of the following syntax...

From target to local :

$ scp passhport@my-passhport-server:TARGET_NAME//etc/fstab /tmp/.

From local to target :

$ scp /etc/passwd passhport@my-passhport-server:TARGET_NAME//tmp/.

For Windows, you have to consider using "pscp" command. You can find it here: Be aware that you will need a private key file in "ppk" format. You can use puttygen to generate one or convert your current private key. Pscp command tries to use SFTP protocol leading to this error:

FATAL ERROR: Received unexpected end-of-file from server

In order to use pscp with PaSSHport, consider using this syntax including "-scp" flag:

pscp -scp -i "C:\path\to\sshkeys\my_private_key.ppk"  "C:\path\to\file\totransfer.txt" passhport@my-passhport-server:TARGET_NAME//pah/to/copy